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Roman 9 Front Cover.jpg

Romans 9 and the Story Paul was Telling

ISBN-13: 978-1491034439

Like a majestic peak, Romans 9 stands before the explorer of biblical truth. Its beauty beckons us, but its slopes present many dangers for the unfamiliar traveler. Long a proof text passage for the Calvinist/Arminian debate, could it be that Romans 9 was really about something else? What was Paul’s aim in Romans 9? What was the story he was telling his generation?

Great reading and writing! Jonathan Williams has an amazing, easy style in addressing complicated matters. This is well written and researched: a must-read for anyone serious about understanding Paul's letter to the Romans.—The Venerable
Canon Chuck Collins, Rector, Trinity Anglican Church, San Antonio and author of  Cranmer’s Church and Anglicans in America

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