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is not with terrorism, too much government, or secularism—it’s our battle with sin. For centuries, scholars and students of the Word have grappled with Romans 6:1-14 and its key phrases that speak to this battle—

Dead to Sin — Old Man — Body of Sin

Slaves to Sin — Freed from Sin


What do these mean and what do they have to do with the battle with sin?


In Dead Men Rising, Jonathan Williams provides an in-depth analysis of these phrases and shows how understanding them properly is the key to a victorious life. If you are searching for a biblical basis for holy living and practical help to obey God’s Word, look no further.

Jonathan Williams’ treatment of Romans 6:1-14 is a master class on how to do biblical exegesis in context, but he also corrects what is one of the most commonly misunderstood passages in the Bible which then leads to a faulty and at times a soul-crushing wrong application of Romans 6. If you read Dead Men Rising, you will be challenged, inspired, and uplifted to walk in the new life we have in Christ. I cannot give it a higher recommendation than I am in this review. If you are a viewer of RevReads who takes my advice and goes out and purchases the books I review, this is one book you’ve got to get. 

Shawn Willson, Senior Pastor

Grace Community Bible Church

Creator of RevReads Book Review Service

This excellent exposition of Romans 6 is probably the best I’ve read. The research is obvious and the conclusions worth serious consideration.

—Herschel Martindale 
Former Director of Missions for Great Commission Europe


Very seldom does something new come along that better matches the whole of Scripture and influences me to change my perspective. As a counselor and pastor, Dead Men Rising will help those I minister to in their journey to Christlikeness.              

   —Greg Van Nada

 National Campus Director, Collegiate Churches


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Dead Men Rising:

The Death of Sin
The Rise of Grace

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