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Faizan and Asali* live in a remote part of Pakistan. They do not live there by choice but because of fear. They live in constant fear of being kidnapped.

In 2017, Faizan and his family were kidnapped and forced into hard labor. The men were also interested in Asali for her beauty. After three months of captivity, they escaped. But one month later, they were caught again and were back in slavery. Thankfully, they were able to escape again and remain free to this day, but the fear remains.

When you give to WGS Ministries, you help us help people like Faizan and Asali. Your contributions set people free so that can live a normal life, without fear, where they can raise their family and have hope.

* Names changed for protection

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Help Us Help Faizan and Asali

Want to help and learn at the same time? Purchase our book, The Women Jesus Loved, and learn how Jesus showed the love of God to the women of his day, and how he continues to show his love to women like Asali.
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Helping Faizan and Asali are only some of the ways
WGS Ministries is helping people around the world.
What We Have Done
  • Setting people free from debt slavery
  • Providing food for hungry families during the Covid19 Pandemic
  • Purchasing bicycles for pastors who had to walk to their many congregation sites
  • Purchasing basic necessities for people whose houses were burned because of  their interest in Christianity
  • Providing milking goats and a buffalo to families to provide nourishment and a way to earn money
  • Training pastors with biblical stories of hope for their congregations
  • Opening a hostel for a family to provide education for village children
  • Equipping a young motorcycle mechanic with the tools to start his own business
Current Projects
  • Purchasing a solar plate and fan for a family suffering from the heat of working in the field
  • Buying a walker for a handicapped child
  • Purchasing a water pump for a family so that they do not have to walk such long distances for water
  • Purchasing land for Faizan and Asali
  • Translating our encouraging resources to help people in their relationship with God
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